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Friday, Sept. 22: High School Football, NH vs. Moon at Martorelli Stadium, 7:30 pm.

Saturday, Sept. 23, 11 am – 1 pm: The High School Tour is set and is being led by Dr. Barkovich, the Dean of Students. I understand he is quite energetic so it should be fun!

Saturday, Sept. 23, 6 – 10 pm: 30 Year Reunion at Sieb’s Pub. Join us for hors d’oeuvres, drinks, music and raffles!

11 days until the 30 Year Reunion! There's still time to send in your registration if you want to attend.




Please note that NO REFUNDS will be given after today because we have not yet met our 50 person minimum required by Siebs.  The count right now is 44.   I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause any of you who have signed up. In the event we get more than 50 people to attend, I will certainly refund those people who need to cancel.




As of today, I have received 42 paid registrations. There may be two more coming which takes us to 44. Unfortunately we did not meet our 50 count minimum. Since we have so many classmates coming from out of town, and since I would feel badly cancelling the reunion when they may have already made travel plans, THE REUNION IS ON!!! I will cover the cost of the 6 open spots, and we’re gonna have a really good time!!! If you have not signed up because you are waiting to see if other events conflict with the reunion date of September 23, please do not hesitate to sign up through Saturday, September 16. After that date I will not be able to add any more to our final count. Perhaps I was a bit optimistic having the number 150 in my head when I started planning…but I’m still hoping. So many of you who haven’t signed up could add a whole new level of fun to our 30 Year Reunion. Please consider joining us!!!

Please note also, that the HIGH SCHOOL TOUR IS ON and the PIRATE GAME HAS BEEN CANCELLED due to lack of interest. Those who paid for the game will receive a refund at the Reunion.



The date is soon approaching when we say "Yay" or "Nay" on having the reunion. We have received paid registrations for 34 people, but need 50 to hold the reunion. The deadline is August 1. Send yours in now!



We have classmates coming from all over...1 from VA, 1 from MA, 1 from NY, 2 from FL, 2 from OH, 1 from AZ and 14 from PA! With guests we are at a total of 34 people. Don't forget to mail in your registration as soon as possible! Thanks!



I’m hopeful that our 30 Year Reunion will happen.  It’s gonna be a great time reconnecting with past elementary, junior high and high school friends and listening to some great 80’s music!!.  Unfortunately, right now, things aren’t looking up.  Here’s an update.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

REUNION AT SEIB’S UPDATE:  As of today, 28 paid registrations have been received, and we still need 22 to meet the 50 person minimum that Seib’s requires.  They will charge me extra and will not return my $300 deposit unless we have 50 people.  Per my previous post on 5/7/17 I am going to ask Seib’s to open the date.  If Seib’s gets a request for that date from someone else, they will call me before they give the date away.  I AM GOING TO KEEP ACCEPTING PAID REGISTRATIONS FOR THE REUNION.  If Seib’s calls me before I receive 50, the reunion will be cancelled and all who paid will receive a full refund.    If I do receive 50, the reunion will still happen, and I will continue accepting paid registrations until closer to the reunion date.  It would be great to see all of you!

 HIGH SCHOOL TOUR UPDATE:  11 people are signed up.  This event will happen if the Reunion is “on”.

 PIRATE GAME:  I spoke with the Pirates Group ticket employee and she said we can order group tickets with a minimum of 15 people, and that it would be best to order by the end of May.  Right now we have 8 signed up.  I’m going to see if I get any more interest by June 15.  If not, this event may be cancelled, and all will receive a full refund.



IMPORTANT REUNION UPDATE: We have now received 18 paid registrations for the reunion. Over 150 people have looked at the website in the last 3 weeks, so there still seems to be some interest. About 8 people have informed me they are sending in their registration this week. That still leaves us needing 24 people to send in their paid registrations by May 31. 6 DAYS TO GO. If you know you are coming to the reunion, PLEASE send in your paid registration ASAP. I know there are a lot of others who have to wait on schedules for their kids activities before registering, so if we at least get 50 registered by May 31, they will have the opportunity to sign up at a later date. C’mon Class of 1987…We can do this! 



IMPORTANT REUNION UPDATE:  To date, 10 people have sent in registration and payment for our 30 Year Reunion. We have a signed contract with Seib’s Pub that requires a 50 person minimum and a $300 non-refundable deposit to use their banquet room.   They have been holding our slot for 6 months.   If we do not get enough people to attend, we will have to cancel the reunion.  We will also lose our $300 deposit UNLESS Seib’s can book another event for our slot.  Please send in your paid registration ASAP if you know you are coming to the reunion.  If we don’t have at least 50 people signed up and paid by May 31, I’m going to ask Seib’s to open up the date for someone else.  If we do have 50 people by May 31, more of you will still be able to register through August 1. 


4/6/17   Here are the PAYMENT DEADLINES for our 3 events...  Pirate game - May 31, Reunion at Seibs - August 1, High School Tour - August 1


 2/7/17    Don't forget to send in your RSVP form by February 28 to earn a chance to win the Indian Headdress made of lottery tickets!!!


1/7/17   Well, we did another poll on facebook to see if we should change the date of the reunion.  Turns out there will be no change.  Most of you voted for September 23 so all the plans will stay as is.  Please note that you have until February 28, 2017 to send in your registration and payment to earn a chance to win an Indian Headdress made of lottery tickets!  We're looking forward to seeing all of you at the 30th Reunion!


This is long overdue...THANK YOU to Mo Sheehy Veverka and Patty Miller Gallagher for planning every reunion our class has had to date.  They put in countless hours (and dollars) over the years and we really appreciate all you have done.  Thank you also to the 30th Reunion Committee for all you are doing to make this reunion great...Donna Cisar Wolfganger, Maureen Sheehy Veverka, Kim Kruse Behr, Stacy Gruseck Jessel, and Krissy Kaczynski-Costello.


11/5/16 - The Reunion is set for September 23, 2017.  It won't be the same if you aren't there!  Talk to your friends and make sure they are coming too.  It's gonna be a great time.  Get your registration in by December 31, 2016 for a chance to win an Indian Headdress made of lottery tickets!!


10/7/16 - Thanks to everyone who filled out the questionnaire about your preferences for our 30th Reunion.  The votes were tallied, and you can plan on a reunion in the Fall at a Restaurant with Hors d'oeuvres and a DJ.  An invitation will come out as soon as a place is found that meets our criteria.  I have removed the first questionnaire from the website and left a few questions for those just now visting the site to complete.  


I'm so glad you took the time to check out the website.  I hope that many of you will consider coming to the reunion.  We have 470 classmates...I didn't remember that our class was that big.  Wouldn't it be great to reconnect after 30  years?  Contact your old friends and meet them at the reunion!  Plans are in the very early stages so date and venue aren't set yet.  Right now I just want to try and get everyone's info so as many people as possible can be contacted.  Please complete the Questionnaire and spread the word.  Your help is much appreciated.  --Amy 

Amy Young Diak

Thank you for doing this Amy.  I have sooo many pictures in a box in my is fun to look at them every now and then...problem is remember all of the names.  :-)



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